NOW IS WHERE THE MAGIC IS. We spend so much energy pondering the past and future. We create incredible fear and suffering feeling the emotions of our imagination as though virtual reality were real.

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, we can come back into focus through the lenses of our senses and taste the richness of life as it is. There is an aliveness to the moment, a vibrance of sound and color of life that is found when we release the focus on the overactive mind and drop into what’s really here in this present moment.

I’m Yonah Levy. I…

Freedom from the Inside Out

Fourteen years ago, I had the privilege to work with teens for over three years as their counselor in an emergency shelter and group home neighboring this juvenile detention center. They were there for less than 90 days at a time. My primary job as I saw it was to show them heartfelt care, understanding, and spark hope in them.

When I was a kid, I spent time in that detention center and the shelter beside it and my trajectory didn’t look good. Years later, after studying psychology in university inspired by a therapist who…

What does courage look like for you? All of us have fears. Some are so strong they take over our minds and bodies and even paralyze us. There’s also fear as stress, which we know if it dominates, leads to ill health and deeply challenging times.

So what is the antidote for fear? It’s usually in the poison. You see, almost all of the time our greatest fears are in our minds and bodies. In meditation we can surrender to the monsters of our imagination. We can allow the imagined worst case scenarios to happen in thought, and feel the…

Mindfulness and Meditation for Better Business

A beautiful relationship began in April 2020 when I built a ground up program teaching Mindfulness and Meditation to Silverback Strategies, a forward thinking digital marketing agency. This sharp, warm, and adventurous team has been sitting with me weekly since, delving into practices that are simple yet challenging — and they’re better for it. The time they spend practicing with me helps them be more effective at their work. They also openly and secretly tell me about their stress and anxiety lifting.

You see, when we’re not dominated by the much older, reptilian brain…

It’s been a unique few months, no? Amidst fear, confusion, frustration, uncertainty, sadness, pain, anger, and so many other emotional experiences related to our collective history and currently reality.

How do we find peace when surrounded by storms that often sweep us away?

How do we move beyond suffering?

I’ve found, practicing nonresistance and acceptance of the sliver of the present, now moment, no matter how seemingly unacceptable, frees our energy to move from being problem fixed, to being open to solutions and positive actions in the next present moments.

We externally create the states we embody, therefore, the change…

Fundamental Gratitude

Twenty-three years ago a serious accident left me temporarily quadriplegic. It was a time of darkness like I had never experienced prior. Post traumatic stress and depression left me joyless and I barely ate or moved. I began to look like a Holocaust survivor. Parts of my body I had come to rely on as “me” didn’t work. I couldn’t tie my shoes or clip my nails without help. Before that fateful day at 14-years-old, I was wildly active. I loved to climb things, ride bikes, and just play, relying on my body. I lost that ability in…

Intuition and Thriving

If you’ve ever had the privilege and joy of spending a day or two with Amma “The Hugging Saint,” you know the palpable power of the love that fills the rooms full of open hearts in mass meditation, Kirtan, and the embrace of those magical hugs.

Much of my training was in science and I’m for objectively testing efficacy of interventions that have the potential to heal. There are however, fundamental limitations to the scientific method, for example, how do we measure love? Surveys, brain activity, heart rate, hormone levels?

There’s infinitely more to a loving mother’s…

Yonah Levy

Seventeen Years of Coaching, Corporate Consulting, and Mindfulness and Meditation Training to Empower People to Thrive.

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